Energy Healing

Energy healing in its various forms can help you lead a less stressful life and lets you better able to cope with the challenges and setbacks that modern life can give us. By understanding yourself  within the context of a larger spiritual world, energy healing can help you develop a more positive and confident way of seeing the world and gives you the tools to be able to make real and lasting changes for the better. Naren McIntosh is a certified reiki master, certified chakra healer, and ayurvedic nutritionist, as well as a practitioner of shamanic healing. She will be able to help guide you to the type of energy healing and advice that is best for your particular needs.

Reiki is a type of healing technique that Naren has been practicing for several years now and which she often uses in her special facials. It uses touch from the healer to channel energy to the client and help their physical and emotional well-being.

Chakra healing
Based on the yogic tradition of chakras, or energy centers in our bodies, chakra healing helps the client learn how to unblock chakras for a healthier emotional and physical life. Chakras can be blocked for numerous reasons, including past traumas or existing emotional stress or illness.

Ayurvedic nutrition
Ayurveda is an ancient Indian wellness system that includes use of chakras and an analysis of what type of person you are according to three basic archetypes. From this analysis, the practitioner can advise the client on what types of foods help balance the whole person in order to feel better.

Shamanic healing
Shamanic healing draws from principles of shamanism, an ancient belief system found in cultures throughout the world. The shaman often enters a trance state in order to channel healing energy from ancestral shaman spirit-guides, and can sometimes help clients connect with their own spirit-guides.

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